consultancy services to the franchise arena

Franman is a specialist consulting practice run by Tony Mundella who boasts over 20 years experience of the franchise industry, offering a host of services to franchisors designed to enable the successful growth and development of a franchise network.

New Franchisors: Looking to franchise your business concept from scratch?

Franman is not a conventional external consultancy but takes the time to learn your business and understand your goals before working with you as part of the management development team. Franman gets under the skin of the company's culture and provides relevant solutions that are synergistic with the overall business plan. And from the very word go, we will be straight with you in terms of advising whether or not your business is ready / suited to expansion via the franchise route.

Growing Franchisors: Not meeting growth plan targets?

Existing franchisors can sometimes reach an impasse in their development. Their management team, whilst extremely competent and knowledgeable regarding the business that they are engaged in, may require assistance with recruiting, managing and developing franchisees. There may be a requirement for a full time Franchise Manager / Director but insufficient resources to justify an appointment. Franman can provide an interim or part-time management solution to help the franchisor through this difficult time and also assist with the recruitment of the right candidate for the full time role as the business moves forward.

Established franchisors may have a need for an objective review of their systems and procedures, or may simply benefit from viewing matters from a fresh perspective. A franchisee review involving an independent third party going out into the field and discussing the system and support with franchisees can represent a hugely beneficial investment in respect of the overall health and growth of the business.

Looking to Sell?

Master franchisors / individual franchisees may also be interested in selling their business: Franman is actively involved in franchise resales.

Franchise Management is happy to consider working with your business on a retained, project or results basis

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